Benefit, established in 2008 is continuously grooming and growing a talented team and culture in Cincinnati. We want to give guests the best experience with our immense education, industry knowledge and true dedication to the craft. 


Our culture of hair dressing embodies a very close and connected team, pulling & bouncing creative ideas off of each other for our guests all day long. We infuse knowledge and inspiration from ongoing education in and  outside of the salon. We are unique, educated and passionate.

Jocelyn Palmer

Owner | Tier 9

Energy Level: 10 + positive vibes all day

Specialty: Brunette Balayage, blonds, precision cutting

Cat or dog: House plants?

Favorite place: Tropical + city equally

Favorite product: Smooth Infusion Style Prep, Rinseless Refresh

Favorite place to shop: Local boutiques anywhere


Angeline Jolliff

Teir 7

Energy level: 3 steady and chill

Specialty: Precision cutting 

Cat or dog: neither

Favorite place: A music concert

Favorite product: Speed of Light

Favorite place to shop: Amazon

Celina Hernandaz


Energy level: 5

Specialty: Blondes + balayage

Cat or dog: 

Favorite place: 

Favorite product: Nutri Plenish Leave in Conditioner

Favorite place to shop: 


Olivia Lascalo

Tier 2

Energy level: 6

Specialty: Woman's percision cutting

Cat or dog: Dog

Favorite place: Home 

Favorite product: Air Control and Texture Tonic, the more texture the better.

Favorite place to shop: Target

Elizabeth Luttmer

Energy Level: 10

Specialty:  I dont discriminate

Cat or Dog: Fat, slobbery wrinkly bull dogs

Favorite Place: Take me straight to the lake

Favorite Product: Anything to make my blow out last days (Rinseless Refresh, Dry Shampoo etc.)

Favorite place to shop: You don't go to Target because you need something... you go to Target and let Target tell you what you need.


Tier 5 | Wedding Coordinator | Make Up Artist

Gracia Rudolph

Tier 2

Bridget Thibodeaux

Tier 1

Energy level: 7 - 7.5

Specialty: Blonding + Balayage

Cat or dog: Dogs

Favorite place: Any place with a beach and some quality vitamin D. 

Favorite product: Texture Tonic

Favorite place to shop: Free People, Zara, Urban Outfitters.. (That's a hard one!)


Energy level: 9

Specialty: Color

Cat or dog: DOG

Favorite place: 

Favorite product:

Favorite place to shop: 


Energy level: 4 calm and collected

Specialty: Retail Genius

Cat or dog: All animals

Favorite place: 

Favorite product: Aveda Dry Shampoo

Favorite place to shop: Online!

BS_NewStaffAndInteriors-4 (1).jpg

Energy level: 7/8

Specialty: Organizing, being a mom to 3 girls, drinking red wine on a Saturday

Cat or dog: My dog Rosie

Favorite place: Hilton Head Island, but love to explore new places

Favorite product: Color Conserve, Shampure

Favorite place to shop: J Crew, Anthro, Loft & Target

Halie Frazier

Salon Manager

Meridith Hoffman

Guest Care 


Energy level: 7

Specialty: Being a Nursing Student

Cat or dog: Dog

Favorite place:

Favorite product: 

Favorite place to shop: 

Monica Reiser

Guest Care 

BS_NewStaffAndInteriors-1 (1).jpg

Energy level: 5

Specialty: Braids

Cat or dog: Dog

Favorite place: Liberty, Ky

Favorite product: Thickening Tonic

Favorite place to shop: TJ Maxx

Isabella Geraci

Guest Care / Apprentice